Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Fenman at Home - June 2019

On the hottest day of the year Fenman found it was too hot to travel and anyway he'd arranged a beer bash at No. 10 - no not the Premier Inn, nor the Premier who was about to go out - but Fenman's abode.

Tony at 8 Sail had made an offer that Fenman could not refuse - a barrel of Millwright (4%) a malty dark beer made with chocolate and black malt. Yes in other words a Mild - ok it wasn't May but in Fenman's opinion mild is, and should be, drinkable all year round. Just as a precaution in case there were any guests who drank with their eyes, Fenman also had a polypin of 8 Sail Blonde on offer, for balance.

A further precaution taken was the expensive investment (add another £0 on to the price tag) of a gazebo, erected on the back lawn a few days earlier by Fenman (and Vlad, who was plied with a Blonde in lieu of cash).

The day dawned, hot became hotter, guests arrived, beer was drawn and drunk, nosh was taken, more beer was imbibed, conversation carried on until early evening. Fenman hardly left his garden seat except to refill his pint pot - guests finding their own way to the bar.

Donations on the day went to LIVES and armed forces charity organisations.

Excellent beer, nosh, weather, and of course Fen folk company.