Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

November 2019 - Ancaster

A dozen doughty trekkers set off from Woodland Waters passing by the side of the lakes and fishermen and fungi and determined to put any thoughts of floods from their minds.

Fenland Walkers Flooded Field

However the first obstacle was a flooded field, which after a couple of false starts, was safely negotiated, but not before boots were thoroughly tested for their waterproofing properties. Had this been Spring or Summer then the very rare Tall Thrift plant could have been spotted. No matter, onward then through Ancaster churchyard and with the main road safely crossed, into the Ancaster Valley.

Ancaster Tall Thrift Ancaster Valley

The steep steps at the end of the Valley were climbed then it was a gradual descent down the path and back to the road. Ancaster Social Club was a welcome sight where muddy boots were removed and pints of Brewster Juggling Act and TT Landlord were dispensed - all in very good condition. The Juggling Act ran out and another Brewster beer Autumn Fall would have been served but was not ready, unfortunately. Booted the party tramped back to Woody's Bar where carvery and veggie tasty delights were washed down with XXXB - no evidence of the Doom being sampled.

Ancaster Steps Ancaster Woods