Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

January 2020 - Surfleet

Despite the early showers 18 Fen folk met up at the Crown Inn at Surfleet for Fenland's Anniversary Walk (our first walk took place on 6th Jan 2002).

The walking group River Glen

After Heather had rechecked the lunch numbers (lunch arrangements often being a tricky juggling act for these events) the trekkers were mustered into position for the photo shoot before Rosemary and Heather led off down the road. Turning off into a narrow lane the group was pleased to note that although the wind was in the face the showers had stopped. A track alongside the River Glen was then taken which eventually led to the halfway house, the Ship, at Northgate, Pinchbeck. A warming welcome fire greeted the travellers and soon pints of Adnams Ghost Ship, Abbot, and Speckled Hen were dispensed. As the Ghost Ship ran out Hopshackle Simarillo was soon put on.

The Ship, Pinchbeck

The imbibers were eventually persuaded to don coats, hats and mufflers and ventured out in to the fresh air, wending their way back via pavements to the Crown. An even warmer coal fire greeted the wanderers who soon placed orders for Adnams Lighthouse when the Sea Fury went off. The record for the number of different vegetables served with lunch may well have been broken - 15 and still counting. Thanks were given to Heather and Rosemary for organising and leading the walk - an ideal route given the wet conditions.