Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

May 2012 - Denton & Harlaxton

The Welby at Denton St Mary and St Peter, Harlaxton St Mary and St Peter The announcement that we are in drought conditions triggering almost constant rain seems to have little effect on Fenland Camra walks it would seem.

Yet again warm sunny weather greeted the group at The Welby at Denton. The reports by the 3 reccying musketeers of bogs and swamps caused some to don spats, gaiters, multi coloured wellies and mufflers. However sceptics dressed for the day and merely splashed on sun cream. Richard led off the 18 through the village and round Denton reservoir with its coots, moorhens, mallards and great crested grebe, and fishermen. Then alongside the Grantham canal and the wharf information board, before arriving at the sandstone / ochre coloured Gregory Arms at Harlaxton for welcome pints of Deuchars IPA and Theakston Bitter.

The return through grassed fields and parkland was noted for its bluebells and cowslips, although we have it on good authority that the bluebells are the all too common Spanish invader species. However it is assumed that the cowslips, at least, are native. A quick visit inside the church of St Mary and St Peter was too good to miss by a few stragglers. The famous four also noticed that the exterior showed some figures remarkably reminiscent of various Fenland members. Photos were taken for posterity.

Map readers then had to be consulted before moving off for the return to Denton and the Welby where Woodfordes Wherry, XB, and GK IPA (complete with lit up fonty handpump - why do they do it ?) were dispensed and disposed of with great gusto. An excellent carvery completed the escapade.

Many thanks to Ivan for suggesting such an excellent walk and to Richard for leading on the day.