Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

April 2012 - Nottingham CAMRA Meeting

Fenman Wins a Prize

The Nottingham Drinker, voted the top CAMRA branch newsletter for the past few years, has a competition which involves spotting where the airbrushed bike and saddle are in the picture of a Nottinghamshire pub. The first of these was the Gate Inn at Awsworth and so Fenman abroad (abroad is one word by the way) decided to enter and was amazed to find out that he was the winner. The grand prize was 2 pints of beer, to be claimed and collected at one of Nottingham Branch's meetings.

Not to let the uneconomic cost of travel offset and prevent the massive value of two free pints of beer, Fenman took a trip over the border and with help from his No. 1 son, a member of Mansfield and Ashfield Branch, decided on a mini crawl before the presentation. First up was the Malt Cross in St James Street, previously a music hall which has retained the all the feel of the era and has the original floor, stage, balconies and roof. In short a gem that must be included in Fen's next visit to the city, not least because of its 5 cask ales - on our visit Brewsters Music Hall, Glastonbury Mystery Tor, Purity Gold, Leeds Pale, and St A Tribute. Just time then for the Cross Keys in Byards Lane where Dark Drake from Dancing Duck (where else!), Trenchfoot, and 4 other ales not recorded, were on.

Dave (on the right) receives his prize from Ray Castle Rock's brewery tap, the Vat & Fiddle, was the venue for Nottingham Branch Committee meeting and after Sheriff's Tipple and Preservation Ale were dispensed the meeting was attended. The Chairman welcomed all and drew attention to the video camera from the university recording proceedings and said that should he mention those ****** from GK then that part would be edited from the recording! It has to be said that Fenland Branch like a beer break during the course of their meetings, however they are unlikely to surpass Nottingham's arrangement which seems to be 2 beer breaks in every hour! During one of these Fenman was presented with his prize, a pint of Black Gold and one of John Player celebration Ale which was duly passed on to No. 1 son. (photo shows Ray Blockley, Editor of ND, presenting the pints to Fenman). At the second beer break Fenman was quietly ticked off for selecting a guest beer with a Gales pumpclip - "that's Fullers of course not Gales anymore!" All in all a great evening out, and our thanks to Nottingham Branch for their hospitality. On the train journey back to Newstead it was decided to pop in for a nightcap of Oakwell's Old Tom Mild - a good pint once it has warmed up from its almost sub zero temperature.