Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

May 2016 - Heckington & Helpringham

Outside the 8 Sail Brewery

21 set sail from Heckington 8 Sail Windmill and brewery on a hot sunny day and traipsed down the road by footpath to Great Hale where the building that once was the Nags Head is now a nursery. On then to Little Hale where the house that once was the Bowling Green pub and now a private residence (the bowling green itself a garden now) stands. There was a sense of unease that passed through the throng as they wondered how many more non pubs were to be passed that day. On then through a narrow wooden gate complete with large yellow wooden sign Bull in Field! Although there were signs of recent bovine habitation there were no signs of the actual cattle in the two grassed fields.

The party then made its way across the bridge over the Helpringham Eau through the village of Helpringham and found itself at what was the Nags Head. Fortunately this building is still a pub, but recently renamed the Brass Windmill. Fen folk quickly commandeered the bar and the front outdoor tables, and were pleased to see that Oldershaw's Grantham Stout was on (Make May a Mild Month nearly fitted the picture) and the walk leader managed to obtain the only handled jug in the pub to have his pint in. Other beers were played by Doom Bar and Black Sheep.

Following roll call the 21 trooped off and returned to Heckington where some pootled off to the Nags Head for their lunch while the remainder popped into the newly appointed bar of 8 Sail for pints of Rolling Stone (4.3%), Bard's Bitter (4.4%), and John Barleycorn (5.5%) - the Millwright Mild (3.5%) having been completely consumed the previous day - which were all in very good form, and most welcome on the hot day. Beers at the Nags Head included Bass and Golden Sheep, and with which Dave was toasted, in absentia, it is reported.

Tony at the 8 Sail Bar Brass Windmill, Helpringham