Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

August 2012 - Golf at Birdies Driving Range

Fen folk gathered recently at Birdies Driving Range, Silk Willoughby to hit / miss hit a few balls.

Dave had brought along a selection of clubs for the members to use (leaving at home his favourite big 'ead McGregor and rescue club, in case his flukey shots were sussed out) and after the briefest of safety firsts and top tips for the toting 10 the game was afoot:

  • E was given her own special left handed bay and clubs and seemed quite happy whacking away to herself.
  • J & R ignored the coaching manual and produced the most surprising results - one of the balls being still awaited on its downward trajectory at the close of play.
  • M addressed the ball and the overall technique with his usual no nonsense approach. His serious demeanour signifies a golfer in the making. Not here to enjoy ourselves!!
  • H wasted no time in getting to grips with things. Her tunnel vision certainly impressed the big hitter in the next bay, especially when one wayward ball ran up the inside of the roof to ricochet round the rafters above him. His face paled into insignificance.
  • I & K tried a few shots, shook their heads and wondered what all the fuss was about. 7 irons, drivers, woods, niblicks and mashies!!?
  • N took on the chairman's mantle and was politely encouraged by the expectant onlookers after each airshot.

It was especially good to see Ian Coundon and Liz, as Ian is leaving the area now to live in Bournmouth. We plan to keep in contact however. Indeed close contact was seen as Ian was giving Liz the most personal of coaching tips on stance, grip and driving technique. We wish them both well.

Unfortunately although the club reporter had brought his camera for CAMRA he forgot to take any photos in the excitement.

The party repaired to the pub, and as the Horseshoes was closed, met up at the Packhorse in Sleaford for some Silly Billy (how apt) from Grainstore, The Beast, and Salem Porter. All agreed it was an excellent social event and may be repeated.