February 2018- Bourne & Dyke

Wishing Well, DykeThe bitingly cold wind was not enough to put off the lucky 13 trekkers nor Billy the dog, but it was noticeable that Nigel resorted to a coat and woolly hat and Martin to brown boots (socks unknown).

Ivan led off the group from Bourne Abbey Road through suburbia landscapes then out onto fieldpaths, over several stiles and eventually reaching the Wishing Well at Dyke. The IPA, Speckled Hen, Abbot and Scrum Down reached the parts for many thirsty throats, with several others opting for warming coffee.

After another leisurely round of pints for some, it was decided to don coats, hats and gloves, replace boots and brave the cold wind, but not before the regulatory photo in front of the pub.

A slightly different route was taken again over field paths (passing the curiously shaped owl building in the middle of a field) and road footpaths to return to Bourne where boots were replaced by shoes and most met up at Jubilee Garage, with its interesting array of car parts, pictures of racing heroes of the 1950s and 60s and even a VW Camper Van decked out as a bar (unfortunately keg fonts only) on the upper floor. Beers on offer were Oakham JHB and Citra along with Doom Bar.

Thanks to leaders Ivan and Nigel the routes were fairly dry underfoot, considering the recent wet weather.