Fenman really abroad but settles for Nottinghamshire

The Pit, NewsteadFenman has truly been abroad; a few months ago with a visit to Kerala in SW India. However such was the dearth of pubs, breweries and beers that no report is forthcoming on that sojourn. Suffice it to say that an emporium selling alcohol was tracked down eventually, government run with two entrances and two tariffs (one for locals and one for tourists). Requesting bottles of Indian beer two bottles of Heineken were produced ! These, I can assure you, were promptly given to our taxi driver.

So from a beer point of view it was good to get back to Blighty and visit a couple of micropubs in the Nottinghamshire district.

The Pit, Newstead The Pit, Newstead

First point of call, via bus and foot (or you could use the train as the station is adjacent), was The Pit in Newstead. Opened a year or so ago it is housed in the cricket pavilion overlooking football and cricket pitches. A very welcoming landlady was busy sorting barrels and served us with ales from Beermats Brewing Co., Ultimate, a copper coloured bitter, and TeamMates, a dark mild - both tasty and refreshing. The third beer was from Scribblers, Beyond Reasonable Stout, a very smooth stout that drank below its 6% ABV. Very morish. The walls and shelves are adorned with memorabilia of local mining and railway days from the past. Comfortable chairs and sofas ensure a long stay is very tempting.

Squire & Musters, Annesley Squire Musters, Annesley

Next port of call was the Squire Musters - ale room and snug, at Annesley. It certainly is snug - perhaps a bit too snug when a couple of large dogs are ensconced with their owners at the bar. That being said the welcome is warm and there are several small tables and seats near the large engraved glass window. There are four changing beers from small breweries - on my visit Dukeries Bedlam Square, Instant Karma Saffron Kasaya, Beartown Bear Ass, and Titanic Plum Porter which tends to be a regular at the Squire. All ales were duly sampled and found to be in tip top condition. Fenman's favourite was the Plum Porter.

Beer scores were also duly submitted and Fenman looks forward to further visits to these emporia.