• 8 Sail Brewery Beer Festival Wednesday 1 August 2018

    A most successful beer festival was held at 8 Sail to coincide with Heckington Show weekend.

    8 Sail staff Despite a torrential storm on the Friday evening none of the beers were adversely affected, and as far as we know the punters managed to stay upright throughout (except for those already seated of course). 26 beers were on offer, half of these being "guest" ales from Notts., Staffs., Derbys., Northants, Norfolk and Rutland. The 8 Sail had their wide ranging beers of bitters, porters, pale ales, and IPAs. Plus 4 ciders from Spalding and Stickford.

    Some of the tickers and bearded sandals brigade sought the highly esteemed Windmill Stamp to show off how they had ploughed through the range, but mainly to remind themselves what they had already sampled. However these sandled real ale tickers were outclassed by a female imbiber who collected all 26 stamps on her programme in just 2 sessions. We are assured she was still standing at the close of play. Brewers Tony and Steve were also able to enjoy the festivities as there were plenty of bar staff to provide brisk and helpful service.

    In all a most enjoyable weekend for the many regulars and visitors alike.

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